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Datainfosoft is a Big Name to providing the Best data entry services & back office services based in India & our clients are based in USA, Canada & UK.

We at Datainfosoft specially offer the different types of data entry projects on behalf of Top MNC's. We also offering Outsource Data Entry, Outsource Data Processing, Data Conversion, Form Processing, Scanning, OCR and Web Research Services, Data Mining Services, Data Capture Services, Data Processing Services (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Image, Survey, Forms and Claims), Online Data Entry Services with the aid of Remote Desktop Server, Data Conversion Services ( HTML, XML, Word, PDF and OCR), Offline Data Entry Services (PDF to MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access formats), Data Capturing Services etc.

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Creating Engaging Experiences

Convert Your Complex Content into Interactive Textbooks

Your readers are no longer restricted to static text and pictures they can now dive into full-screen experience of 3D objects that can be rotated, interactive videos, fluid diagrams and images with complementary captions, turn a labelled diagram into an impromptu quiz, or have the answers show in a chapter review, and everything in between.

Begin with this new chapter in reading and learning with RKIT. Begin with Interactivity!

HTML5 & ePub3 eBooks

We create interactive, rich-layout publications in ePub3 with HTML5 and CSS3, ensuring responsiveness across devices, browsers and operating systems. We intersperse audio & video clips with textual content, add functionalities like geo-location, finger painting & canvas, add footnotes, annotations, cross references, etc., as well as employ MathML to create an interactive equation solver. We also embed interactive tools like exercises, quizzes, etc., to make learning fun for students.

Our teams of eBook creation and conversion specialists design interactive teaching and eLearning assessments, like:

  • Glossary Pop- ups
  • Fill-in The Blanks
  • Alternate Choice
  • Multiple Answers


ePub3 Conversion

Multi-Platform Accessibility, Multimedia and Language Support

If you are looking for an open, standards-compliant specification for encoding structured and semantically enhanced web content (comprising HTML5, CSS, SVG, images, etc.) that stands at the forefront of what an eBook can offer, there is no better solution than ePub3.

With ePub3 eBook Formatting Services, SunTec takes the conversion and enhancement of your titles a step forward, making it media rich and providing interactivity and global language support. Our ePub3 Conversion Services include:

  • ePub3 creation across devices & platforms that support the ePub3 standard
  • ePub3 conversion & formatting for producing ePub3 files for any type of content
  • Device-specific solutions as every single device embraces the ePub3 based specs

Besides, enabling efficiency on the production side, ePub3 is also reader-oriented and “future-proof” approach to ebook creation.

Source Formats

We accept your titles/content in any format ranging from Word documents (.doc or .docx), PDF files, InDesign files, Quark files, XML or HTML files, scanned pages and print books. Moreover, we sometimes also accept content in other formats like ePub or Kindle Fire and convert it into your preferred format.


Fixed Layout ePub

eBook conversion specialists at RK Information Technologies can deftly create fixed-layout eBooks with exactly the same design & layout as their print counterparts along with visually-stunning graphics, illustrations and images. We add a number of features, like:

  • Digitized complex print replica format
  • Video with VTT captions
  • Audio and video file integration
  • Audio/ read aloud with ambient music
  • Custom-built controls for animations, slide navigation and widgets
  • Popovers on widgets, content and images for divulging additional information
  • Complete control over text appearance with custom fonts

Enhanced ePub

We can help you convert documents and books from any source file format like PDF, MS Word, Quark, HTML, InDesign, etc., into ePub files with features like embedded media, audio narration, interactivity, animations, and more. We can create both reflowable ePub and fixed- layout ePub.

Accessibility Publishing

Along with a digital accessibility audit and consultancy services, RK Information Technologies delivers eBook production services in compliance with W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508, to make sure your content is accessible to all. We can help you create ePub3 publications (or any other file format) using XHTML5, SVG, CSS and JavaScript, ensuring that the needs of assistive technology users are well-met.

How we improve reading experiences with Accessible Publishing:

  • Structurally-tagged content
  • "Text to speech" (TTS) capability
  • A detailed navigable table of contents
  • Adjustable Font size, style and colour

  • "Alternative text" descriptions to explain
  • images, illustrations, graphs and diagrams
  • Alternative background colours and
  • controllable line spacing

Interactive eBooks with HTML5 & CSS3

RK Information Technologies is one of the leading players in the segment of animated and interactive Children eBooks using HTML5 and CSS3. With our innovative, multimedia rich, highly interactive apps for tablets and smart phones, created specifically to take advantage of the devices, we aim to tell stories and provide information to children in new and engaging ways.

Through our focus on academic content, comprising K-12, University education, STM publications, we create textbooks that are dynamic, current, absorbing, and truly interactive. Our team of eBook designers and developers have created textbooks with interactive diagrams, photos, and videos, language instructions, quizzes and educational games, customizable set of test questions (multiple choice, true/false), eFlashcards, etc.


Animated eBooks

Animated eBooks are the next big thing, bringing stories effectively and animatedly “to life” ensuring maximum user engagement! RK Information Technologies is actively involved in the production of animated eBooks, adopting multimedia features, for instance, 3D animation, music, voice-overs and a number of sound effects. We also exploit tablet features, namely page swipe or tap for page turning. When it comes to creating eBooks with animation and sound effects, our thrust area is children's books, poetry books where the words of the poet can be augmented with the help of animation, or titles with brilliant imagery, where animation would enrich the reader's experience.

Begin with this new chapter in reading and learning with RKIT. Begin with Interactivity!

Key Features of Interactive eBooks

Features and enhancements that come with HTML5 and CSS3, critical in developing interactive eBooks are as follows:

  • Integrating audio and video elements without use of flash or any plugin
  • Inclusion of added functionalities like Geo-location, Canvas, Finger Painting etc.
  • Use of Scalable Vector Graphics for enhanced clarity of images and other illustrations
  • Better styling and presentation of the content and elements
  • Developing animated characters that add to the user experience of the reader
  • Development of buttons for added animation making the book more appealing and engaging
  • CSS3 for columns, text shadows, and animations, etc.
  • HTML5 CSS3 animated eBooks offer native support for MathML and SVG

XML, DTBook & PubMed Conversion Services

XML Conversion

RK Information Technologies helps you convert your titles, legal documents, newspapers, magazines, corporate literature, children's books, academic and STM Volumes, journals, etc. into Extensible Mark-up Language - XML with exceptional precision in formats and characters. We help you get your data converted to XML format, irrespective of the source – paper-based or electronic-based including PDF to XML, HTML to XML, Word to XML, XHTML to XML, and SGML to XML. We have served several discerning clients including many government bodies, libraries, universities, and large publication houses. We ensure you get error-free, quality rich work that can be published across various digital platforms.

DTBook Conversion

Well Formatted Digital Documents for People with Special Needs

RKIT specializes in providing cost effective DTBook Conversion Services for visually impaired or print-disabled readers. Our XML conversion team has got wide expertise in DTBook standards and conventions like ANSI/NISO Z39.86, specifications laid by DAISY Consortium. We support you in converting textual content files, educational books and other publications in Digital Talking Book Format together with structural and semantic tags, clear and precise navigation, and the explanation of visual elements. Government organizations, Libraries, Schools and Universities, publishers, etc., make a large part of our global clientele.

PubMed Conversion Services

Fully Compliant with JATS specifications

To submit articles or journals to the PubMed Central Library, it is necessary to convert the content in the XML format. RK Information Technologies is one of the few highly specialized firms that provide PubMed Conversion Services, assisting you in delivering your medical content to end users via various eReaders and platforms such as the PubMed Central (PMC).

We have been supporting publishers and institutional knowledge repositories in converting their medical content from any given format (PDF, Word, InDesign, Quark, Print, etc.) to PubMed Standard DTD XML in a quick & cost-effective way. We are currently serving some of the leading publishers, universities and STM societies such as Remidica.com, Schattauer GmbH, Avicena, Journal of Sports Science Medicine (JSSM), Spandidos Publications Ltd., Canadian Scholars' Press Inc., Tehran University of Medical Sciences, etc., to name a few.

"Hi, I was very pleased with the quality and TAT of the data entry work as provided by Datainfosoft.com for us over the last year. It has been a pleasure to work with your accurate team."

Tony Bill
Sr. Execuitve at DexaSoft, UK

"We have very pleased with every task done by Datainfosoft for my business activities, I would like to keep with thanks to team of Datainfosoft for their TAT & honesty work"

Raj Singhania

"Also, I have been very satisfied with the quality of the data provided by Datainfosoft team. Thank you and tell your team to keep up the good work! It is appreciated...."

Mikal Josh
CEO of Spectra Buss


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